Workholding Fixture Tool Design

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3-axis VMC 4th-axis HMC
Workholding with custom designs using commercial components.


Numerous VMC Workholding Combinations
 Optimal Workpiece Machining Orientations

Machine work envelop.


Machine envelop with 4th-axis.

4th-axis "Base Adapter Plate"

6-Sides Machining & Auxiliary Position Machining
3 fixed locations & multiple auxiliary indexing locations.

4th-axis Secondary Operation

4th-axis Castings & Forgings

4th-Axis "Live Center"

4th-Axis "Cradle Fixture"

Machine envelop with 4th-axis, tailstock & craddle fixture.

4th Axis "Arbor Plate"

4th-axis, tailstock & abbor plate fixture assembly.

Commercial aluminum vise with locating holes.

Craddle or arbor aluminum "Vise Adapter Plate".

Arbor plates with twin vises & single jaws.

Arbor fixture with twin vises & double jaws.
4 locations 12 fixture offsets.

Commercial steel vise with locating holes.

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